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CMCA - Christian Meeting & Conventions Association

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Attraction Membership

What makes CMCA different from other industry tradeshows is:

 - We establish a community at our shows.  They are intimate and provide several opportunities to build relationships while doing business.  Suppliers and planners usually spend the entire show together.

- Because we are a smaller show, you are more than a booth number.  We get to know you and the employer you represent.

- We limit supplier attendance to keep the supplier to planner ratio at 1.5 suppliers per planner.  This keeps the show balanced.

- We are one of the most cost effective shows in the industry.  Our cost is usually less than half of similar tradeshows. In other words, you would have to attend our show 2 – 3 times to equal the cost of other shows.

- We are here all year long to support you.   We are not just a once-a-year tradeshow.

- Our planner members are Christians.   If that is your market, we are a membership you must have!

Membership for suppliers is just $250 per year. The $250 membership fee includes:

  • Directory of planners and suppliers. This directory will be provided once a year upon member's renewal or enrollment.
  • Listing on our website as a member with your contact information and website link. Members will know that you support us.
  • Advertising opportunities in our newsletter and at our shows.
  • Unique opportunities for sponsorship: You can sponsor encouragement team cards, prayer team cards, birthday cards, etc. These will help set you apart.
  • Invitation to participate at our tradeshows: You must be a member to participate.
  • Invitation to local or area events.
  • Opportunity to host lunches around the country in areas you have special interest in.   For example, those wanting to do a sales blitz in Colorado Springs could host a CMCA lunch in the area where we work with you in bringing CMCA planners to the lunch.    This saves you time in visiting each office individually.
    Quarterly newsletters keeping you current on CMCA events and members.
  • Allows you opportunities to host local or regional events
  • Allows you to be a part of one of the few planner heavy associations in the industry