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CMCA - Christian Meeting & Conventions Association

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Musician Membership

Christian Meetings & Conventions Association (CMCA) is an association of Christian people who plan meetings and various suppliers that service our members.

We want to establish a database of speakers, musicians and miscellaneous suppliers in order to strengthen our planners' conventions and meetings.

Currently there is no charge to be a musician member of our association. As a member, your contact information will be on our Web site. Planners may click directly onto your Web site or e-mail.

Planners often look for area musicians when holdings meetings in order to save travel costs. We've structured our database so the planner can search by location or by name.

While we do not charge you to be listed in our database, we do ask that if you receive work that brings you revenue because of our association, you give an offering back to the association. Obviously, there is a cost to the association to maintain the database, and your donation will help cover that. If we do not help you with work, you will owe us nothing. We will not monitor your work - it's totally a voluntary donation.

We'd love to have you join our team. To do so, follow the link below and fill out the form.

Benefits to Musician Suppliers

One of the objectives of CMCA is to be a useful resource to the Christian meeting planner. One way we are accomplishing that is to have a database of Christian musicians available. When a planner is working on a meeting, the database can be accessed free of charge to see who is available, where they are located and what type of music is offered

It is to the musician’s benefit to be a member of CMCA because a member enjoys:

  • Complimentary listing on our website as a Christian musician
  • Complimentary linkage from our Web site to your Web site and e-mail
  • Periodic opportunity to perform at CMCA events attended by meeting planners
  • Periodic opportunities to network with Christian planners
  • Prayer Team that is committed to praying for requests of CMCA members
  • Periodic CMCA newsletters to keep the membership informed
  • Complimentary access to our database of Christian speakers and musicians, to whom you may refer other clients

The biggest benefit is that you are giving meeting planners an opportunity to know who you are.