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CMCA - Christian Meeting & Conventions Association

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It’s like a spiritual retreat, I can be myself, it allows me to be introspective, be better for myself so I can be better for others. I’m here as a professional, but I can be so much more for others.
-Lori Odegard, Visit Rochester

The conference is a great mix of fun, fellowship and work.  With Christ at the center of what happens, how could it be anything other than successful?
-Wendel Wickland, National Student Exchange

This is a small, intimate experience. I can get to know people vs at the bigger shows; what make it different from others is the personal touch and the solid business opportunities.
-Susan Smith, Northern Kentucky CVB

At the corporate shows it’s hard to make eye contact, people walk by 10 booths on their way to X. Here, people greet you, hug you. I feel very much at home at this show. I’m a second tier city, but I get appointments from this show. The interactions are genuine. I could go on and on...this show is a breath of fresh air...I’m glad I’m here.
-JoAnn McClure, Visit Salina

I enjoyed this show the most so far!  This time seemed to be especially filled with the spiritual aspect which is why I like to attend CMCA.
-Lynn Richmond, SBC Executive Committee

You get to know people in a different light and I do 2-3 shows/month. This is a different level of show. We have more in common. I feel uplifted, people are spiritual and it’s more intimate. I think I want to move to the cities we visit because we see a different side of the city. It’s different because we get a more intimate experience with the staff. There is something entirely different with this group unlike other religious group. I love coming!
-Barbara Rowe, YMCA of the Rockies

The level of interaction between planners and suppliers is what makes this show different. The trade show is almost secondary. We form friendships and then do business with friends. It’s a get-to-know your business partners show, not a trade show.
-Steve Collins,

It is a pleasure to support CMCA.  It is a conference that has a wonderful amount of networking opportunities - during our bus rides to and from events, the extended period for the tradeshow and the appointments that are scheduled, and during our meal times.  The variety of sessions is truly appreciated.
-Kay Bothwell, Department of Labor and Employment

I like the size, you get to know people.  It doesn’t matter if you are a planner or supplier. It’s a joy to be here, not like work. You form friendships that last long and connect with people.
-Harolyn Falgoust, Monroe-West Monroe

I was so impressed at the level of excellence with which the entire conference was conducted.  It was such a refreshing experience.  To have believers gathered together in one place is always encouraging, but when it happens in an industry setting – that’s just God!
-Andrea Howey, NAUMS, Inc.

It’s a smaller show. I enjoy the contact. People here are truly interested in your destination. There are few other shows where I feel I have connections with everyone. Planners and suppliers really want to connect. We’re peers.
-Josee Beier, Council Bluffs

As a supplier, you receive something that’s personal and business too through the evening Afterglow, the sermons, talking about spirituality - it takes you home refreshed. I really need this for ME. It’s good to see people of faith coming together in business. Buyers are knowledgeable and qualified - not adult “trick or treaters”. They are truly interested in you as well as the city you represent.
There’s a low ratio here; it’s one-to-one; you’re not competing with other suppliers, we have more face time, appointment-driven, it encourages you to do business and research each other. I can research them in advance and know whether I’m a fit for them. At this show, it’s not just a 60-second commercial, it’s the in-depth information that contributes to the quality. We are able to send specifics to folks after the show. People are more personable, I could go on and on!
-Leslie Mathews, Lubbock TX

This is my first time. This conference exemplifies our spiritual base. We have real, open, spiritual connections with speakers and attendees and of the clients/attendees who are serious about doing business with us. I see a difference here. Serious buyers that are qualified - not looky loos. God is in the midst, his presence is felt. You don’t get that other places. The Afterglow is great. Prayer partners are great and unique! We need to pray for each other. The Encouragement Team cards always come through when I most need it - feels good!
-Brenda Scott, Byron-College Station CVB

Overall I thought the whole experience was wonderful. The venues were great, the food excellent, the Omni was amazing (we left a pair of sandals in our room, and they FedExed them to us complimentary). The focus on spirituality and member care was very impressive. The workshop I attended was very informative. The people of CMCA were incredibly warm.
-Roy Fitzwater, Church Discipleship Ministry, The Navigators