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CMCA - Christian Meeting & Conventions Association

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2018 Showcase in Visit Virginia’s Blue Ridge Wrap Up

2018 Showcase: Virginia Blue Ridge March 6-8

Thank you to Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge staff and the Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center for gracious hospitality.

CMCA 2018 Showcase Program

2018 Showcase Speaker Videos

2018 Showcase Music Videos

2018 Showcase Images

Visit Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains Video

CMCA Colorado Members

Register for a Colorado CMCA lunch on June 12 and/or June 14th.

To register for a lunch on June 12 (Tuesday) ath the SaltGrass Steak House in Westminster, go to

To register for a lunch at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs on Thursday, June 14, go to

2019 CMCA Showcase

2019 CMCA Showcase location and dates are not yet available. If you are interested in hosting, please contact

CMCA Epostcard Opportunity

CMCA has partnered with Walter Barnard, Director at Integrated Marketing Media to start a new promotional marketing & sales program for CMCA planners and supplier partners. You will notice that the CMCA logo leads the template so you know it only comes from CMCA. This opportunity to further promote and sell your destination, hotel or facility is only available to you as a CMCA member.

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